Evolution of Matteo Coffea in Bangalore….

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Did you Know…?

What is the meaning of Matteo?

Matteo is the latin name for Mathew.

Mr. Mathew is the Founder &  C.E.O  of Sterling’s Mac Fast Food.  The only  fast food chain in Bangalore in 1982 to serve Burgers & Softie Ice Creams.

Mac Fast Food has evolved into Matteo Coffea, which is now the Biggest Coffee shop in Bangalore. A Great place to Chill Out….

Welcome to the world of Specialty Coffee at Matteo Coffea

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Are you tired of a long day’s work…??? Trafic getting under your nerves… ???

There is only one place to Chill Out… Matteo Coffea..

Did you try out our Black & White Shekerato..?

Our premium white chcocolate powder mixed with chocolate sauce, espresso, and ice blended with ice cream and milk, topped with whipped cream.

Hello world!

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